WERA focus on injection mould business since 2010, we are located in Huangyan, China Mold Town. Here has thousands of mould factories, CNC tooling factories, you can find everything related to injection mould.

What kind of molds does WERA do ?

  • 2 color Molds (2 color mold by rotate table, 2 color mold by 90 degree injection…)
  • Cap Molds / Closure Molds (Fliptop cap, water cap, spray cap…)
  • Package Molds (food container, cosmetic Jar…)
  • Cutlery Molds (fork, spoon, knife, spork…)
  • PET preform Molds
  • Bucket Molds (paint bucket, water bucket, rice bucket…)
  • Crate Molds (fruit crate, beer crate, foldable crate…)
  • Houseware Molds

What’s advantage of WERA? 

  • WERA sales team is not only for sales and translate, but also engineering, good communication and give professional advice.
  • WERA quality management system, good quality not only mean expensive tooling machine and a lot of inspection equipment, a good quality control and management system will help a lot to get a good result.
  • WERA cost control system, if good quality is important, good price is the same important. many factories explain their price is high is due to high quality, but really all the money is cost on the mold? how much be wasted ? and how much is because of bad cost control? WERA aim to offer client high cost performance mold which meet client demands.

WERA- we are your right choice.

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