Quality Control

Mould quality control mainly consist of 3 stages.

1.     During design

A good design is half success of a project, we are willing to pay more time during design stage to consider all the details in advance to avoid the problem in future. It is the first step of quality control.

2.     During fabrication

After finalize mould design, how to put the design into real mould, it is second step.

  • Mould steel inspection, it is basis work to ensure it is same as contract.
  • Mould tooling dimension control, we request all suppliers to use good machine to tooling, tolerance control within 0.05mm.

3.     During mould testing

It is a step to check result of previous two steps work. We have a list and standard to check each mould to ensure mould in good quality.

Mould quality control-Product
Product inspection items to ensure perfect product
Mould quality control-Mould
Plastic injection Mould inspection during mould testing
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