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Cap and Closure mould is a kind of precision mould, not only use good material, it also has high requirement of detail design. we are professional on various cap mould, fliptop cap mould, water bottle cap mould, 5 gallon cap mould…

A new way of mold Unscrewing -rifle bar

A new way of mold unscrewing- by rifle bar, with less cycle time and more stable running

Bottle handle Mould

We are professional on bottle handle mould design and manufacture, we know how to make good design to ensure the handle strength, and also know how to make the mould with long life

Fliptop cap Mould

High quality fliptop cap mould made with Stavax steel, and special surface treatment to ensure its mold life. 2 Million shots are guaranteed for min.

Wet wipes Lid Mold

We make molds for various wet wipe lids, we are glad to give our most professional solution base on all our experience.

Wet wipe Lid Mold

We make molds for various wet wipe lids, baby wet wipe, sanitizer wet wipe, we try our best to offer you high quality mold for wet wipe Lid.

Get right quotation-Fliptop cap mold

How to make a right inquiry of fliptop cap mold to your mold suppliers? Especially to new supplier.

Closure/Cap Mould

Make the durable cap mould, help client make production smoothly

Two color fliptop cap mold

Make excellent two color cap mould
share technology of two shot injection
welcome discusss two color project

Fliptop cap Mould

Make cap mould in China
High quality cap mould maker
Order fliptop cap mould

Medicine bottle cap Mold

# Medicine bottle cap mold design
# Medicine bottle cap mold dimension control
# Cap mold unscrewing system