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Why 2 color injection molding become popular?

Two color injection improve product appearance.
Two color injection can meet requirement of ergonomics.
Two color injection can realize more function of product.

A new way of mold Unscrewing -rifle bar

A new way of mold unscrewing- by rifle bar, with less cycle time and more stable running

Get right quotation-Fliptop cap mold

How to make a right inquiry of fliptop cap mold to your mold suppliers? Especially to new supplier.

Hot runner heat coil types

Hot runner system is more and more widely apply into different kind injection mold. Heater system also upgrade day by day.
Here share ideas of different heat coil type advantage and disadvantage for reference

How valve gate help you save money?

#Valve gate mold reach shortest cycle time
#Valve gate mold save labor cost
#Valve gate mold save material
#Valve gate mold save production cost

How should best mold looks like?

the best mold is the one most suitable for you which can make profit for you.

How to get short cycle time for spoon mold?

#maximum mold cooling design
#mold gate and runner size design
#good cooling condition
# optimize machine property

Unscrewing by Motor or Hydrocylinder?

Mold unscrewing drive by Motor
Mold unscrewing drive by Hydrocylinder
Mold require unscrewing system