Category: 2 color Mould

there are many kind of 2 color mould, 2 color mould by rotary table design, 2 color mould by 90 degree injection units, we can help you analysis the most suitable way.

Why 2 color injection molding become popular?

Two color injection improve product appearance.
Two color injection can meet requirement of ergonomics.
Two color injection can realize more function of product.

2K mold for seal cover

2K mould for seal cover
seal cover made with PP+TPE material, use two color injection machine with rotary table, one time molding seal cover.

Bi-component mold

Bi-component injection mould, with 90 degree injection, no need rotary table on machine, mold design suitable for 2 color injection.

Two color fliptop cap mold

Make excellent two color cap mould
share technology of two shot injection
welcome discusss two color project

From Crystal to Plastic-Bi injection make it possible

From Crystal to Plastic-Bi injection make it possible,
Two color injection molding ideal design.
High quality plastic raw material again Crystal
Two color plastic part enter high level market.