How to get short cycle time for spoon mold?

About the cycle time, a complete cycle is 

Mold close — injection — cooling ( charging at the same time) — mold open — ejection — mold close

Normally, Machine dry cycle (mold open-ejection-mold close) take about 3 sec, injection will take about 2 sec. rest time is for cooling, spoon with 24 cav, about 8-10 sec for cooling is normal.

So in total cycle time 13-15 sec is normal cycle time. How to get shorter cycle time, it is not easy work, we need pay attention to follow points:

  • from mold, cooling system design is key point, maximum cooling is mold designer need to consider.
  • at the same time gate and runner size is important too. the most difficult for cooling area is runner and gate. the gate size should be controlled in a suitable size, to ensure easy injection but not take long time for cooling.
  • Besides Mold, Cooling condition is important too, Chiller for sure is necessary in summer, in some countries with high temp. all the year, a good chiller should be prepared.
  • From machine, dry cycle 3 sec is normal, if you want to get less cycle time, you can discuss with machine factory to see whether they can reduce dry cycle and injection time.

Above are some experience I get during mold testing, if you have any comments, or questions, welcome to discuss with us. and also welcome to WERA, let’s work together to get a good solution. 

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