Get right quotation-Fliptop cap mold

Recently, I received many inquiries of Fliptop cap mold.

“I need mold for 28mm fliptop cap, pls send me your quotation.”

“pls give me price of 20mm fliptop cap mold with 16 cavities”


When I receive such inquiries, I’m not dare to give price directly, because mold is really a complicated work.

How to make a right inquiry to your mold suppliers? Especially to new supplier.

Generally, most suppliers will ask basic information as follow:

  1. Product size and photo
  2. Mold cavities
  3. Injection system (hot runner or cold runner)
  4. Mold steel

Then you may get quotation with big price difference from different suppliers.

I tell you why!

Fliptop cap mold design

In the photo, both molds are for 16 cavities fliptop cap mold with semi-hot runner system. Even you are not mold expert , I believe you can easy get why the price is different.

So when you send an inquiry to your supplier, besides basic information, mold structure, mold parts used in mold (hot runner brand, hydraulic cylinder, guide pin&bushing… ) should be discussed as well. It will help you understand better of who offer you more reasonable price, and who should give order to.

We are happy to give you offer and to be your reliable supplier.

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