Crate Mold

China Crate Mold maker- WERA MOLD, plastic crate mold factory, injection crate mold manufacturer.

#Fruit Crate Mold # Vegetable Crate Mold # Coca Cola Crate Mold # Bottle Crate Mold # Beer Crate Mold

# disposable crate mold # foldable crate mold # transport crate mold

Plastic Crate have different structure and different function, no matter how it is, help you make the mold and start production, let production continuously and easy operation and maintenance, it is what WERA always do.


  • make crate product design base on sample or idea
  • make crate mold design meet client demands, perfect cooling system and ejection system ensure short cycle time.
  • process report update during mold fabrication
  • crate mold testing
  • ship perfect mold to client


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