China cap mold

Cap mold is widely required in market, because various package all need caps, like water bottle cap, shampoo bottle cap, oil bottle caps…and so on.

How is the cap mold market going on now in China ?

  • Cap Mold hot runner system become more stable

Cap Mold always with multi cavities to meet requirement of mass production, so besides mold itself, hot runner system is one of very important part to a Cap mold.  Recently years, with development of hot runner technology, Cap mold quality improved a lot, performance become more stable, in pass time, only Husky or some big brand have the technology, but with very high price. Now even with less cost, you can get a high cost performance mold relatively.

  • Cap Mold dimension control is better

Cap Mold is not like houseware mold, it has high requirement on mold dimension, especially on the function area, like fliptop cap belt area, even 0.01mm tolerance will make difference. Experienced technician team will know in advance which area need to control the dimension rigidly to avoid mistake or rework. of course, it related to the tooling equipment, consider in this aspect, now CNC machine with more and more precise dimension control, so the mold quality can be better controlled.

  • Cap Mold price

Even more and more Cap Mold factory set up in China mold market, it becomes very fierce and transparent on price, but do remember market always follow the rule, ” you will get what you paid”, just make sure what kind of mold you want to get, you want it to make 1M shots or 5 M shots, then you choose the right one.

WERA team focus on Cap Mold for decades, We are pleasure to share our experience and help you pay right amount to get the right mold.

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