From Crystal to Plastic-Bi injection make it possible


Yes, Above two beautiful Bi-color tumbler is made in Crystal. In past, people have impression that plastic part are cheap and for low market, only glass or Crystal can make something special and beautiful design.

This idea may need to change with the development of plastic injection molding technology and high quality raw plastic material.

Below products are made in plastic-SAN, it is a kind of high transparent material with food grade and very durable, it will not easy break when you drop it down. Normal plastic part only with single color, design was limited, since injection technology improve,  multi color injection become more common.  Such kind of plastic product also enter the high level market, become one of the choice to the person who pursue life quality and want to make life a little different.

bi-color plastic fruit bowlbi-color plastic plate

WERA Team have some experience of Bi-color injection, and willing to share these ideas and technology to more and more people, let’s make life a little different together.


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