Paint Bucket mold

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WERA mold have experience of making various paint bucket mold, from small size 5L to 20L, round shape paint pail or square shape paint pail.

  • WERA paint pail mold design

About mold design, the main structure are similar, what make the difference is the detail, such as the cooling system design, ejection system design. WERA design team have good knowledge and rich experience of the paint pail mold design, offer client professional advice to meet the production requirements.

  • WERA paint pail mold CNC tooling

Mold size control and fitness ensure the high quality of product, especially for square paint pail mold, main tooling is done by CNC milling, round paint pail mold can be tool by lathe machine which more easy to control the precision size. We all use high quality tooling to ensure all our mold parts within tolerance, no handwork.

  • WERA paint pail mold testing

Mold testing is final stage and important stage, first testing is especially important, it is to see the problems of the mold and make the solution, it needs skilled technician to check the detail. WERA mold testing be followed by professional project manager and give solution by each testing.

If you want to make paint pail, come to WERA, we will be your right Choice.

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