Meet with fashionable water cup

Water cup become a life style in nowadays, office use, gym use, child school use… Design of water cup also become more and more fashionable and meet requirement of different occasion. No mater what kind of water cup, as Mold maker, our job is to help make the fashionable design into real article.

Service we offer:

If you already have idea what kind of water cup you want to make

  • we will help you to study the design feasibility consider of the mold structure
  • give the solution of the mold according to your machine and expected output, suggest how many cavities of the mold and optimize the mold design to get shortest cycle time.
  • Make testing and ensure get the perfect products.

If you don’t have the ready design or idea of the shape, we have extra service to give you proposal of the product design, here we have new designs collect from the market to show you, and you can choose the one you like.

We are not only making mold for you, we are working together to complete a perfect project.


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One Comment on “Meet with fashionable water cup

  1. The design of the top water cup is really beautiful. According to my knowledge, their prices will be not higher I think


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