Make Perfect Lock & Lock system

# Lock & Lock container mold  # Lock and Lock Lid mold

# Lock & Lock Lid hinge design # Lock and lock sealing design

How to make good lock and lock container? it is what you may concern when you start to make the mold, whether the mold supplier can ensure good function of locking system and sealing system.

-About product design

  1. design of the hinge should pay attention to, a good design can make hinge fexilble .
  2. design of ribs to lock, a reasonable thickness and radius ensure the perfect lock sound, not too tight, not too loose.
  3. design of ear length ensure the good sealing, no leakage is basic requirement.

-About mold design

  1. good cooling system to ensure short cycle time
  2. ejection system to make stable running
  3. injection no matter from outside or inside, we can do both way as your request.

-About Plastic raw material

Lock and lock container and lid both use PP material, random PP with good fexiable property. recommend PP 344R.

Above points are the main points to ensure a good lock and lock product, we are willing to share our experience, if you have projects for similar product, welcome to us.


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