Unscrewing by Motor or Hydrocylinder?

Unscrewing system is common used in Mold structure for product with deep threads,  Drive by motor and by hydraulic cylinder are the two main ways of unscrewing system, then what’s the difference and which situtation use motor which situation use hydraulic cylinder?

  • Hydrocylinder    

It moves straight, so need space for strok. obvious, it takes more space, mold size is long.

But hydrocylinder has stronger force, for the product with hard material and deep thread or mold with multi cavities, hydrocylinder will be better choice.

  • Motor  

Motor stay at the same position during unscrewing, from the out size, mold with Motor is smaller. small machinie is workable. In another point, it can rotate for many circles at a stable speed, so for product with long thread, unscrewing drive by Motor is more suitable.

But Motor is with less force, it suitable for mold with less cavities which require less force, or use two or more motor if have space.

  • Hydrocylinder + Motor 

Sometime, it will also limited by mold structure, if one mold need unscrewing from both core and cavity side, it cannot both use Motor, because for normal machine, it cannot control two sets Motor from different side, so in this case, we can use Hydrocylinder for two sides, or one side Hydrocylinder, one side Motor.

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