How should best mold looks like?

Sometimes, we will meet client who ask us to offer best mold, then how should best mold looks like ? what is best mold?

If client ask for an offer without any special requirement, many mold factory just quote per their experience, it depends what kind of clients they met before

I make an example base on pail mold

A pail mold with Master valve gate, German 1.2344 steel for core and cavity and mold core and cavity insert with Beryllium copper, is it best mold ? Yes, it is a good mold, you may use it for 5 years or even 10 years no, but the mold price is very high, does it can help you get what you invested back?

So in my mind, the best mold is the one most suitable for you, when you communicate with mold supplier, you need to tell your detail requirement, for example how many mold life do you expect to get from the mold, is it a new product you just want to test the market, or it is a repeat or improved product in your company to explore the market. Also the requirement on product is better to describe, how the surface you expected, with texture or mirror polish, in a word, the more detail you describe, the better offer supplier can offer to you.

We are looking forward to offer you best mold, welcome inquiry.

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