How valve gate help you save money?

For mold injection system, the most common way cold runner, hot runner open gate, hot runner valve gate, price from less to more, why still have client choose expensive valve gate? what’s advantage of valve gate


Cold runner Mold, Cold runner due to the runner size always thick, it takes time to cooling, so the cycle time always not short. especially for product with less weight, cold runner don’t have advantage.

Hot runner open gate Mold, even it is no need wait runner cooling, but it has limit of gate size, normally hot runner open gate size should be more than 2.5mm, otherwise, it will have tails, it cannot broke beautifully.

Hot runner valve gate Mold, there is no need wait runner cooling too, at the same time, the gate size limit is less, it can make the gate with 4 or even 6mm, because the valve pin can help cut the material beautifully. With bigger gate size, material is more easy to flow and can fill faster. It is also reason why some difficult flow material is better use valve gate, like for PC, PMMA material.

So after comparing, Hot runner valve gate can reach the shortest cycle time among these injection ways.


Even at beginning, you may pay more money on the mold, but actually, really is it the most expensive way? have you calculate real cost for whole production?

A. compare to cold runner, there is no need to cut gate manually, here save one labor cost, and there is no waste material for runner, save material cost too.

B. production cost, as explain in above, valve gate can reach shortest cycle time, in every hour, use the same machine, it make more pcs products, that means the cost for each product, with valve gate mold it is less.

of course, it needs accurate calculation to make comparison. For less quantity product, valve gate maybe not competitive, The more quantity produced, the more it saved.

WERA Mold will make proposal according to your situation and do calculation for you.

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