Hot runner heat coil types

Hot runner system is more and more widely apply into different kind injection mold. Heater system also upgrade day by day.

This article just want to share some personal idea of the difference between two types heat coil.

  1. spring type heat coil It is an old type heat coil which widely use in market, you can find it easily in shops. Advantage: easy to find, easy to replace and cheap. Disadvantage: temperature control is not so precision.
  2. copper sleeve type heat coil It is upgrade type of heater, and take place of market step by step. Advantage: it has good control of temperature, suitable for material and product which sensitive to temperature. Disadvantage: not easy to replace, need well educated worker and special tools to replace if it is damaged, and price is higher.

If your product is common houseware made in PP, spring type heat coil maybe not a bad choice, the best one is the suitable one.

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