Bottle handle Mould

#plastic handle injection mould
# 5L bottle handle mould # 38mm neck handle mould

20 years mould making experience

Product information

  • Part Name: Handle for 5L bottle 38mm neck
  • Part Material: HDPE
  • Part Weight: 4.8g
  • Part Size: 84.5x88x9.1

Mould information:

  • Mould cavities: 8 cavities
  • Mould injection system: 8 tips hot runner
  • Mould steel: H13 steel with Hardness HRC 45-48
  • Suitable injection machine: 188T
  • Cycle time: 15s

We are professional on bottle handle mould design and manufacture, we know how to make good design to ensure the handle strength, and also know how to make the mould with long life, welcome send inquiry to us.

Ms. Elaine R. / WhatsApp: +86 18257612359

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