A new way of mold Unscrewing -rifle bar

The most common used unscrewing structure on injection mould is using hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor to drive the gear system. I have written an article explain the details, you can refers to previous article.

Besides above 2 ways, we tried another way during these years, and get good feedback from clients. That is to use rifle bar.

It is an mechanical way, when mould open, the gear system start working, so the cycle time is less.

It has it’s limitation, the mold cannot open in a big stroke, so it cannot work together with robot to pick out the products. But it is not necessary for all products to use a robot, so it is not a big problem.

Compare to traditional two ways, rifle bar works more stable and with less cycle time, but the cost is a little higher, if you are interested, welcome to send inquiry.

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