Why 2 color injection molding become popular?

2 color injection advantages

With the improvement of people’s living standard, now people have higher requirements for product quality, two-color injection molding have more application on daily used products.

Why two color injection be more and more chose?

  1. Two color injection improve product appearance. Product be formed by different color in one time, it will looks better and more attractive, so the product become more competitive in market.
  2. Two color injection can meet requirement of ergonomics. Two color injection allow to combine hard and soft material together, so it can be used to make different handles which require better touch feeling, like tools handle, toothbrush… it makes the product have excellent use feeling.
  3. Two color injection can realize more function of product. In traditional way, we always have to insert a sealing ring or gasket to avoid leakage. It will need extra machine or labor, now 2 color injection can make it in one step, so it saves labor and space for production.

Two color injection allow to combine different color and material, so the product designer can make more creative work on product design.

If you are interested to make 2 color product, welcome to visit us and discuss together.

Elaine R. +86 18257612359 weramold@163.com

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