Cap Molds

Cap Mold is one of the complicated and precision mold. How to make a good cap/ closure molds ? not only good steel and high quality standard parts, the design and some detail technical tips are very important to achieve a good cap mould.

WERA mold making team have many years experience of cap mold making, to become a professional cap mold factory, we failed before, now with the failure experience, we know how to make a good cap mould easily and save cost. offer client competitive price.

Now we are experience on

  • water cap mould,
  • beverage cap mould,
  • shampoo fliptop cap mould,
  • cosmetic cap mould
  • spray cap mould
  • push and pull cap mold
  • disc top cap mold
  • 5 gallon cap mold
  • pepper cap mold
  • oil cap mold

If you are looking for Cap mold maker, come to WERA.

cap moulds
China cap mould maker

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