Bi-Color Molds

Bi-Color injection is more and more widely applied into different products, like two color houseware (two color bucket, two color basin…), 2K kitchenware (2K plate, 2K bowl, 2K mug…), 2 color toothbrush, 2 material handles (2 material shaver handle, 2 material screw handle…), double color caps (double color fliptop cap, double color cosmetic cap…)

There are several molding way of Bi-injection,

  1. Over molding, it is traditional way , make one products in two steps, use first mold to make one color first, then put the first color product into second mould and inject second color. Using this way, no need special machine, the investment is less. but it takes long time and not stable of manual work.
  2. Two shot injection on one machine, it requires special 2 color molding machine which with two screw and barrel. now on the market, 2 color injection machine have rotate table with parallel screws, also have type with 90 degree screws, from top or from back side.
  3. Mix color injection, it is machine control the injection, mould is normal mould, machine control how to mix color in advance before injection.

To choose a right way to make different two color product is very important, which can make it easy and save cost, WERA have experience on different kind of two color products, we will use our knowledge to help client suggest most suitable way.


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