IML container mold

IML container mold maker- WERA MOLD

#IML mold # food container mould # package container mold # thin wall container mold # transparent container mold, these are featured molds of WERA MOLD.

WERA mold making team have many years experience of making mold, especially for container molds. Recently years, IML become very popular and common applied in various containers and boxes, like ice cream box, butter box and so on. IML technology is more and more mature in the market, you can see it during exhibition very often.

Plastic container is one of the most common used package, the quantity is always very huge, so the mold which use for production must be very durable and with short cycle time, in this case can make money for long time.

WERA MOLD pay high attention to mold design and material and tooling quality to ensure client can get a real good mold which can make money from it.

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